Monday, 2 September 2013

Spring Hair Style: Milkmaid Braided Headband Tutorial

Spring is finally here! To celebrate the loveliest season of the year, I have a sweet little hairstyle tutorial complete with flowers, because what else in spring?

"Pick Flowers With Me" Flower Crown from CrownedByFlowers

The milkmaid braid works best on ladies (or lads with the tresses) with medium to long hair that's gone a day or two without a wash. The style holds better (and hides greasy roots!). If you've got freshly washed hair, you can always apply some texturising mousse or dry shampoo to give your strands some texture.

So let's get into the tutorial!

Taken By Surprise Tutorial: Milkmaid Braided Headband

1. Start off by brushing your hair to smoothen and get rid of any knots. Once your hair is lovely and tangle-free, divide it into two equal sections (one on each side).

2. Begin tightly dutch braiding each section of hair, starting the braid from the back of your head (behind your ear). This way, when you pull your braid over your head it won't look lumpy. Make sure you leave out some front pieces of hair to frame your face, then secure each braid with a clear elastic.

I'm Pippy Longstockings!

3. With one braid, pull it over across the top of your head and secure the end with bobby pins. Insert the pins into the braid when securing the braid to your head so less of the pin shows. Once you've secured the first braid, you can go ahead and pin the other braid next to the one you just pinned. And that's your braided headband!

I have ombre hair, so it really does look like a headband!

And that's it!

Bonus step: You don't have to do this if you don't want to, but I really think adding a small flower headband or some little flowers to the style really makes it extra pretty!

If you've got a headband, you can just got ahead and pop that on in front of your braids.

"Pick Flowers With Me" Flower Crown from CrownedByFlowers

If you've got loose flowers - fake or cheekily picked from the garden - all you have to do is thread the stem underneath the braids wherever you would like them to be. The braids will easily hold them in place, and voila!

What's your go-to hairstyle when it's not a hair-washing day? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. This is cuteness and prettiness overload!! :D I usually leave my hair down when it comes to second-day hair 'cause it's still decent. Come third-day hair, I tie it up into a ponytail 'cause I'm lazy and time-poor in the mornings!

    1. Aww Ty, thank you so much! That's a good idea, a ponytail is definitely a great (and chic) way to hide unwashed locks!


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