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Huge Beauty Haul - Revlon, Maybelline, Rimmel London & Sally Hansen

When you're on a university student budget, unless you desperately need something - like when my liquid eyeliner runs out - I always wait until the sales to buy new beauty products. Makeup in Australia is just so expensive compared to the US and Europe (think $20 for a "drugstore" foundation!) so you can imagine beauty bloggers like myself go a little crazy in sale season.

Now I'm not a big football person, but I'm going to officially thank the AFL (Australian Rules Football League) for existing, because without you, Chemist Warehouse would not have held their Footy Finals Sale, which means I got half price off the entire range of Rimmel London, Maybelline, Revlon and Sally Hansen beauty products.


As a result, I managed to buy around $140 worth of products for approximately $70. (I also had to go to two different Chemist Warehouses three suburbs apart just to get the list of things I wanted, but I'm beauty-obsessed, what can I say.)

Priceline was also hosting a bunch of great beauty deals, so I maaaaaay have headed there too.

Anyway, I took the opportunity to buy all of the products I needed (does your makeup all seem to run out at the same time too?) and all of the ones I've been dying to try, and as a result, I have a big haul to share with you all!

Huge Beauty Haul - Chemist Warehouse & Priceline

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in “160 Fresh Beige” 
($25.95 at Priceline)
You know those ads that play before videos on YouTube? Before about 90% of videos I have tried to watch over the last month, the Revlon Nearly Naked ad starring Emma Stone has played. Due to one part frustration and one part curiosity, I gave in and bought this foundation. This shade is a little darker than the foundation I've been wearing lately (the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation in "Soft Beige") so I bought it to prepare for summer when I usually get a little tanned. But I will say, after trying it out in the store, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of a pump (it's just a bottle that pours) so it's going to be a little messy to use, but I'm willing to give it a go. 

Revlon Colorstay Concealer in “04 Medium” 
(free, but normally $26.95 at Priceline)
You'll notice that the Nearly Naked Foundation above was bought full price, but that's because you received a free Revlon concealer or primer of your choice with any foundation purchase. And I'd heard good things about the ColorStay concealer and since the concealer itself was more expensive than the foundation, I figured I'd make the best of this deal! Plus the concealer I've been using (the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in "20 Sand") has nearly run out, so I needed a new concealer anyway.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in “02 Nude”  
($8.98 but normally $17.95, Chemist Warehouse)
This concealer is RAVED about by beauty bloggers but I'd never tried it before so I thought I'd give it a go. Apparently it's meant to be great for dark under eye circles because it's both a highlighter and a concealer so it brightens while hiding dark areas. For a university student who gets little sleep, this sounded good to me! The only reason I hadn't bought it before is because it has a brush tip applicator, which fills up with product when you twist the end of the pen. That sounds a little unhygienic to me to have product just sitting in the brush, but I'll just have to make sure I properly tighten the lid every time.

Rimmel London Match Perfection Silky Loose Face Powder in “001 Transparent” 
($7.97 but normally $15.95, Chemist Warehouse)
I already love the Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation but I hadn't heard ANYTHING about this face powder. There's been no advertising or media around this product in Australia (at least to my knowledge) and it was the first time I'd even seen this in stores. So either this has only just been released, or it was a limited release. I'd seen it listed on ASOS, but nothing here. Regardless, I needed a new face powder (I'm literally making the most of the tiny little cracked bits at the bottom of the pan of my old Essence Mattifying Compact Powder) and I've never tried a loose powder, so I figured, why not? I hope it's not too messy!

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch in “001 Flush of Pearl” 
($6.47 but normally $12.95, Chemist Warehouse)
I've been waiting to try these shimmers for ages, but they always seem to be sold out every time I go looking for them. I'm a big fan of the liquid highlighters by Benefit, but they're crazy expensive here so I wanted a wallet-friendly alternative. I was actually looking for the rosy pink shade in the collection, but it was sold out so I settled for the pearl shade. I think it'll be a gorgeous cheek highlighter!

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner in “02 Brown” 
($6.97 but normally $13.95, Chemist Warehouse)
I have a feeling that my current Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner is about to run out so I thought I'd better pick up a new one. I'm a big liquid liner fan; who knows what would happen if I didn't have one handy! Black had already sold out, so I thought I'd try the brown shade for a more natural look if I felt like it. Besides, on the packaging it looks like a fairly dark brown, so it might even pass for black (maybe). 

Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara in “140 Blackest Black” 
($17.69 but normally $15.95, Chemist Warehouse)
"This mascara is an oldie but a goodie and used by all good makeup artists." At least, that's pretty much the gist of what I've been hearing from a bunch of other beauty bloggers. So I set out to specifically pick up this mascara, but then it turned out there were about three or four types of Great Lash Mascara available! I had no clue which one was the best one, so I just picked up this one which is meant to be good for short, little lashes like mine. I've got high expectations for this mascara, so fingers crossed! How cute is the packaging on this by the way? It reminds me of watermelons and the little pink brush (won't be pink for long, but whatever) is so adorable.

Maybelline Color Whisper in “40 Orange Attitude” 
($7.39 but normally $14.95, Chemist Warehouse)
I've been waiting for the Maybelline Colour Whispers to come out in Australia for the longest time, so I was stoked to see these were here in time for the sale. They're part lip colour, part moisturising balm, so it's kind of similar to a lip stain just more hydrating. I took a step out of my comfort zone and picked the orange shade from the collection but I figured what better way to try orange than in a sheer product? It's a really nice tangerine shade of orange too, so it won't look too harsh against my skin which has yellow undertones.

Rimmel London Salon Pro With Lycra by Kate Moss Nail Polish in “701 Jazz Funk” 
($4.47 but normally $8.95, Chemist Warehouse)
I barely ever wear pink nails but this pastel shade of hot pink was just too pretty to pass up! I've been eyeing this colour off since the Salon Pro range was released, and at less than $5, it was a great excuse to try it. I think it will be gorgeous for spring and both party and work appropriate.

Rimmel London Brit Manicure Nail Colour in “445 English Rose” 
($4.47 but normally $8.95, Chemist Warehouse)
I haven't heard much about the Brit Manicure range by Rimmel, but I've been wanting to find a nice soft pink to wear on my nails for a natural hit of colour and this was so lovely! I'm a big fan of the Rimmel London nail polish brushes too, so that definitely helped the decision along. This will be great for office work or natural days when I want no fuss colour. Plus pale pink is a great colour because you don't need to touch up your manicure as much because it will be fairly similar to your nail's natural colour anyway. Low maintenance, win!

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Textured Nail Color in “800 Tweedy” 
($4.97 but normally $9.95, Chemist Warehouse)
Like the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation at the beginning of this post, advertising totally made me buy this. I was so hesitant to because it looks super duper strange and it meant to give your nails a furry, "fuzzy" effect, which sounds really weird to me. BUT for the sake of curiosity, I bought it to try and find out what it's really like to have muppets on your nails. This could be a fun one to review, let me know if you want a post dedicated to this polish!

For all of my Aussie beauty lovers, Chemist Warehouse's half price sale ends September 26th 2013 and Priceline ends their promotions tomorrow September 11th 2013, so get in quick sticks!

If you would like me to do an in-depth review post on any of these products, let me know in the comments below!


  1. Lovely haul! Chemist Warehouse seems to do these 50% off sales really often - not complaining though! Haha, I'm glad it goes on for another two weeks, so I'll be sure to head over there!

    x Tashi

  2. What great timing on the article! I've also been running low on some products and seeing as I drive past a Chemists Warehouse everyday I guess I'm sorted! Great post :)


  3. Absolutely love love love the fact that my fave blog features products from priceline and chemist warehouse. It's what the everyday person uses and some bloggers seem to think the only stuff worth blogging about is a $70 foundation that you can't even get in Australia.

    1. Thank you so much lovely Ally! I do my best to include products that are easily accessible for my gorgeous Aussie readers, so that means a lot! xx

  4. Love your haul ! I've been looking at the Rimmel London Match Perfection Silky Loose Face Powder as well ! I still am debating if I want to buy it >.< But thanks for the lovely post ! x


  5. Great picks, the fuzzy nail polish looks awesome!

    1. Thank you! I did a separate review of the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat, you can find it here (http://www.iwastakenbysurprise.blogspot.com.au/2013/09/review-sally-hansen-fuzzy-coat-textured.html) if you'd like to check it out :) x


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