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REVIEW: Makeup Under $10 (Part #1) - Daiso, ulta3 & FACE

Generally, the opinion on cheap makeup is that it's, well, cheap (and nasty!). I'm definitely guilty of looking at the dollar or two dollar products and thinking they must only be for little kids to play with rather than as products to legit use on your face. You get what you pay for, right?

So when I was requested to do a blog post on makeup under $10, I was excited to scope out what products really were worth what they were worth, and which ones were just incredible value.

So I set off to a bunch of different shops and came back with a bag FULL of bargains - so many in fact, that this is only part ONE of my 'Makeup Under $10' blog series! For this post, I'll be reviewing, swatching and applying products from FACE, ulta3 and Daiso. So, let's get started!


(Available at KMart)

BB Cream Foundation in 'Medium' - $8.00

I'd never heard of this brand before, but I'm pretty sure that it's KMart's own brand of makeup. The packaging is super sleek and well designed, so I immediately wanted to try it. It comes in Light, Medium and Dark, and you can't try them in store, so I took a gamble with Medium. But for $8, I was happy to experiment! 

The texture of the BB Cream is definitely liquid, but it does feel a bit gel-like too. It's really hydrating, which I love (other BB Creams I've tried tend to sit on top of my skin and look chalky), it's long lasting (I can wear it all day without touching it up) and the coverage is medium. 

As you can see, it applies really evenly on my skin and gives a dewy, glowing finish. I didn't use any primer for these photos and I naturally have a bit of redness on my cheeks and around my nose, which you can't even see with this BB on!

This is definitely a steal for $8! Most BB Creams are $15 and up, so I'm stoked to have found one that beats them all for a fraction of the price. This was the only product I tried from this line, so now I'm really curious to try more.


(Available in selected pharmacies)

Lip Paints - $5.95 each

If you've been lusting after the new TooFaced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks or the Rimmel London Apocalips (Show Offs) but didn't want to fork out the cash? These are amazing alternatives that apply like a lip gloss but have the pigmentation of a lipstick. 

Some of the colours are stronger than others (my absolute favourite is Manic Mauve - second from the bottom), but for the price, owning the full collection is definitely not out of the question! I've already done a full review of these on my blog which you can find here.  

These are INCREDIBLE value for money and they come in a great range of colours. They're definitely worth more than they cost! 


(QV, Melbourne Central and Flinders Street - Melbourne)

Crystal Cream Eyecolor in 'Rose' - $2.80

When I saw these, they looked so much like the Maybelline Color Tattoos that I just had to see if they measured up! There were a couple of shades to choose from, but I picked Rose because it reminded me a bit of Maybelline's Bad To The Bronze.

It comes in a cute little pot with a gorgeous embellished lid and the product has a mousse-like texture. It applies pretty evenly and comes out as a pale pink champagne (think a Moscato colour). It has a lovely metallic sheen to it too.

On the eyes, the colour is very subtle and makes the lids appear very glossy. It's super easy to apply (I just used my finger tips!) and the overall finish is quite nice. 

I would definitely use this again and try out the other colours, but I recommend using an eyeshadow primer, because it did crease slightly. I imagine a primer would help bring that colour out too!

Beauty Eyelashes in 'Normal' - $2.80

I've heard really good things about the Daiso lashes, so I was looking forward to trying them out myself! You do have to buy eyelash glue separately however.

I picked these ones out of the huge range they stock because they flare at the outer corners (perfect because I wear winged eyeliner) and the lash line is clear. Please do excuse my less-than-average application... there is a reason I don't wear lashes very often!

They definitely did give my eyes a boost and they didn't look too over the top. These lashes are also reusable which is fantastic for $2.80.

#attemptatbeingkawaii #fail
If you're looking for an inexpensive set of lashes, definitely visit Daiso because there are just SO MANY to choose from and Japanese lashes are renowned for being some of the best. 

Mix Cheek Powder in 'Magic Color' - $2.80

Is it just me, or does this look pretty similar to Benefit Cosmetics' Hervana Blush? And yes, I did buy it because of that! Well, that, plus the adorable packaging! 

The cream and pink shades have a slight shimmer to them, while the purple and coral are matte, so you have the option to use each colour as individual blushes, or swirl them around to combine all four. When put together, they create a really pretty strawberry milkshake colour, which is more matte than shimmery.

The pigmentation is pretty good and creates a subtle flush on the cheeks which is natural, but definitely there! It applies really evenly and it gives the cheeks a bit of a glow too, which I like.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this blush! I rarely use powder blushes, but this one is so finely milled that it doesn't disturb my base, which is always liquid (be it BB cream or liquid foundation). I'll definitely continue to use this!

Vitamin C Cleansing Tissue - $2.80

These are easily the cheapest makeup wipes that I've ever seen and it holds 35 wipes, whereas most brands only hold around 20 per packet! Plus it's subtly scented with oranges which is super refreshing. And as you can see, it does a pretty good job at removing makeup! On the wipe is all of the makeup that I tried on for this post, so the BB Cream, eye makeup and blush.

It did struggle to take off the cream eyeshadow and the glue from the eyelashes as you can see in the second image below, but other than that, it did a great job at removing my base. The wipe left my skin feeling fresh, cleansed and not at all sore or raw, which a lot of makeup wipes tend to do to my face. As you can see, my skin isn't even red!

Um, for less than $3, these wipes are a steal! You get a lot more wipes per packet, they not only remove makeup but cleanse your skin too, AND they don't irritate my sensitive skin! I'll definitely be buying these from now on. As for my eyes, it's nothing a little eye makeup remover can't handle.

Which product from this post impressed you the most? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for part two, featuring products from MUD, ELF and W7!


  1. Love this post, I'm always on the hunt for good, cheap makeup! Can't wait till the next installment. While I'm curious to try Daiso makeup, I'm also wary as I don't understand the writing on the packaging! The blush and false lashes look really nice though. The Kmart BB cream sounds decent, I think I've heard good things about the lip products from that range too.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Have you tried the brand Essence? Their nail polishes and lipsticks are amazing and are under $4 :) I loved this post, can't wait for part 2.

    1. Yes, Essence have some great products! They were featured in Part 3 (, thank you for the love! xx

  3. Your skin looks absolutely amazing, Jessica-Anne! What's your secret? :)

    1. Aww Ty, you're so lovely! A regular skincare routine using a facial cleansing brush and natural lighting in photos ^^ xx

  4. I must give the Daiso lashes a try! Loved this post on these often overlooked items.

  5. your skin and make up look amazing! I just bought some liquid eyeliner from Daiso last weekend and also Q10 face mask. Love the eyeliner and just tried the mask then. Will look at the items you reviewed too, made me want to try! Just have to find a good eye primer which doesn't cost much

  6. Thanks for the review!
    Looks good for the price.


  7. Such beautiful skin! I really want those lashes...

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